We are not accepting illustrations at this time. Thank you.

adhoc fiction illustrateWe currently have a number winning pieces of fiction without illustrations, and we want to change that.

Can you help?
This is what we’re after:

  • images should preferably be wider than tall, but not essential.
  • jpeg or png or photos are fine
  • bear in mind the images are for the web, so a large image shrunk to fit our page – we can do that bit – will work better than a small image that needs to be enlarged.

Though there is no prize, you will be credited for your work and linked to your social media or website. Once we have populated the current works, we hope to collaborate with a professional illustrator to judge future entries.

To submit your illustration, please send it as an attachment to the relevant email address found beneath each winning piece of fiction. Don’t forget to include your name and social media contact information in the body of the mail.

Thank you.