Great White Shark

Sharks rarely attack people. But, when they do, you don't want a top-of-the-food-chain great white. The great white will sever your leg in the blink of a cold, black eye. Probably swim off when she realizes her mistake, but life leaps away with the bloom of your blood if the medics don't get to you quick. Victims say they feel nothing. Just look back and their leg is gone. Can't imagine being so numb. Most sharks are cold-blooded, but great whites are endotherms: they can raise their temperature for sudden bursts of speed. I throb for you all of the time. People think great whites are ugly because they're scary. But – beginning with Jaws – it's the music that renders them monstrous. If you extinguish the noise, they're majestic: their beauty literally awesome. Like yours. If only you came with a soundtrack that would teach me not to love you.
Michelle Christophorou