Small Things : Hannah Sutherland

Tender, brittle, ultimately shattering, but also full of hope and the possibility of redemption. Hannah Sutherland writes with economy and precision – and love.
~ Nicholas Royle, author of London Gothic & publisher at Nightjar Press

Small Things is a beautiful meditation on what keeps us alive when we lose the things we love. Sutherland weaves between narrative voices with tenderness and empathy for the human condition, guiding her characters through humour, happiness and heartbreak with disarming sincerity. In this, she captures the dizzying gravity of everyday life—the way it breaks us apart and makes us whole in our quietest moments and our deepest expressions of love. With insight, charm, and conviction, Small Things leaves its reader facing a hopeful world, feeling a little less alone and a little less afraid. 
~ Leonie Rowland, author of In Bed with Melon Bread & EIC at The Hungry Ghost Project

A heartbreaking, visceral novella with a unique and powerful voice. The reader becomes so deeply attached to the characters that you want to reach into the pages and shake them into action or warn them of the tragedy that awaits. A thundering, gut-wrenching story full of raw emotion and beautiful prose. This is a shining example of Sutherland’s talent.
~ Rachael Fulton, shortlisted for the Sunday Times Audible Short Story Award 2021

In a few deft strokes, Sutherland draws us easily, but deeply, into the world of Small Things. Her use of voice is phenomenal; at once raw and rough, but also touching and tender. I read this in one breathless sitting and challenge anyone to do anything else. Small Things is an exquisite example of how much can be achieved within the form – evoking strong emotions of heartbreak, love, loss and ultimately friendship – and has rightfully earned its place within the growing novella-in-flash genre.
~ Laura Besley, author of The Almost Mothers & 100neHundred

A beautiful story of loss, told in a way that surprises you. The moments are captured with subtle storytelling, and the heart shines with all the small things between them. These stories hold sharp dialogue and sometimes uncomfortable encounters; these feel like real people building real relationships. Friendship and love resonate in these pages, and the ending is both surprising and perfect. And Kit, Kit Kit, is at the centre of it all. Exceptional storytelling!
~ Michelle Elvy, Bath Novella-in-Flash Award Judge 2021

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-41-4; 133mm x 203mm; 84pp

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