The Regeneration of Stella Yin : Kristen Loesch

The Regeneration of Stella Yin is an imaginative and bold tour de force…This highly innovative novella-in-flash invites the reader on an enigmatic journey of love, loss, and artificial intelligence. Loesch’s expertly breadcrumbed trail feels akin to glimpsing movement under dark water. In turns both haunting and humorous, the high level of craft makes this ambitious novella immensely re-readable and thoroughly unforgettable. 
— Sara Hills, author of The Evolution of Birds

Loesch’s mastery of craft is apparent from the first sinister page, as the reader is compelled forward in an urgent rush to unravel the secrets of these oh-so-human characters. Only after a surprising turn does the reader realize the gorgeous prose has been cleverly engineered at the syllabic level, where every word—every punctuation mark and letter—is a finely honed clue. This is a thinking-person’s story, a story of transcendence, of survival, of the singularity, told with breathtaking precision and grace. 
— Myna Chang, award-winning author and host of Electric Sheep SF

Kristen Loesch is unafraid to stray from traditional structures and forms. Loesch employs the use of purposeful repetition and offers sharp, striking truths about Chinese culture, expectations, self-identity, self-image—but at the heart of it all, the inability to escape grief. There is a lulling cadence to the writing that carries readers forth with great speed…This is a book that takes fractured parts and makes them whole. 
— Ai Jiang, author of Linghun

Speculative, experimental and extraordinary, The Regeneration of Stella Yin is a hugely enjoyable sci-fi-psychological-thriller-murder-mystery enigma of a novella-in-flash…Loesch’s astonishing prose never fails to reel us in: sometimes rhythmic and intensely lyrical, sometimes shockingly visceral, though always playful. But are we playing along or being played with?
— Michelle Christophorou, author of Kipris

Paperback ISBN 978-1-915247-24-7; 133mm x 203mm; 104pp

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