White Noise Playlists at St. Bernardine Medical Center

FILTER BY: (Name) (Date Played) Julie Ramos: Waterfall in Yosemite, Waves at Big Sur, Bathing in a Tub. Sammy Jefferson: Auto Assembly Line, Interstate Highway, Wind. Thomas Nez: Mockingbirds at night. Rachel Chin: Inner City Park, Brooklyn PS 320 Recess, Suburban Playground. Marine James: Wind in the Sequoias, Clay Chimes on Back Porch. Bob Alameda: Walking on Fall Leaves, Campfire in Yellowstone, Cicadas. Mary Robeson: Fetal Doppler, Heartbeat. Hiroaki Nakamura: Crowded Theater Lobby, San Pedro Fish Market. Jim Abbey: Colorado Thunderstorm, Summer Rain, Faucet Running. Andy Morgan: Freight Train, Train Whistle Across Nebraska, Mourning Doves. Sara Maduro: Raking Leaves, Tumble Dryer, Furnace Ticking. Mark Barone: Typing on Manual Typewriter. Henry Washington: Whetstone, Sizzling Bacon, Montana Morning. NEW PLAYLIST (Create) Name: Amy Jiang Password: •••••••• ADD SOUNDS TO YOUR PLAYLIST: (Browse Categories) (Play Random) (Search) Travel RESULTS Airplane Cabin at Cruising Altitude Sailboat on Chesapeake Bay Commuter Train Harley Davidson Whale Song
Charles Duffie