Full Stop - Nod Gosh

Full Stop

‘Reading and writing are my alpha and omega!’ Exclamation was Mark's default setting and there were never truer words pronounced. He breathed in books, poured out stories, in hot, unpunctuated torrents. One day he gushed to Gladys in accounts, ‘Wouldn’t you simply die without literature?!’ and his passion tipped into something dangerous, just like that, releasing them into everything! Not just into books and magazines! But into memos and emails! Into his on-line game! Into reports and thoughts! He tried conjunctions to postpone their inevitable appearance or closed his eyes but there was no escape! They slashed the inside of his eyelids and screamed in his dreams!! Overstating everything!!! Stressing him out!!!! Driving him mad!!!!! He was found hanging from a beam at home. He looked like a lowercase i, but with its dot misplaced too far to one side, full stopped. ‘...!!!!!!????????.,’ shrieked his suicide note, nuancing everything, exactly.


fiction by
Jan Kaneen

art by
Nod Ghosh