The Other Side of the Fence

You look in and see how bright it is. You can almost feel the warmth radiating from them. They know each other inside and out. They've grown together, so closely that each is entangled within the other. They know nothing else, nobody else. Who would spoil such a beautiful thing? You look in and speculate they are only together out of habit, or fear of the unknown. Is it really so beautiful, to never know yourself without another person? You look in and see they're so intricately twisted together, it's impossible to separate them without fracturing them both. Pieces of each of them coming away with the other as they part, forever entwined, even as they finally move their separate ways. You look away. There's no warmth for you here, just heat, that will soon fade to ice. If there was ever anything at all.


fiction by
Sam Rollings

image by
kerry rawlinson