This Is Why Grown-ups Buy Torches

I was a child once, pretty good at it too; laughed too loud, wriggled in chairs, lifted my toes when trying on new shoes. My father spent his days amongst wires and dials, had little time for wriggles and laughter and knew he was a size 10 without lifting a single toe. He gave me a switch for my birthday, 11th or 12th, can’t remember exactly. He told me when it was time to become a man, when I’d grown tired of youth and weary of hope, when my feet were a size 10 and I knew it, I could flick it and turn on the light of adulthood. The day arrived. The world smelled of wet paint and tasted of salt and I bought new shoes without trying them on. I flicked the switch. No light came on but, one went out.
Richard Kemp