Let Them Eat Cake

½ pound butter ½ pound sugar 4 apples She hands her son the note. She clicks open her change purse and empties it on the table: 8 quarters, 12 dimes and 4 nickels. She takes the note back and carefully rewrites. ¼ pound butter ¼ pound sugar 2 apples He returns with the butter and sugar, but only one apple. Her face clouds briefly then she sets to work. The aroma of warm butter awakens his hunger. She distracts him with her movements, humming along with the radio as she peels and slices and stirs. For lunch she makes him two mayonnaise sandwiches. He wants more but only two slices remain. The bell rings. She pulls her creation out of the oven, gingerly, as if it were made of porcelain. Then she sets it down before him and hands him a fork.
Tina deBellegarde