fern and games

Fern and Games

After a day of it, the joke was wearing thin. They had played I Spy during the trek. Options are limited in a New Zealand forest. "I spy with my little eye something beginning with F," Timbo said whenever it was his go. It was always 'fern'. They made camp in a clearing. Timbo dragged in a couple of sittable logs and padded them with fern fronds. "Ferniture," he said. They got the fire going. Timbo dumped a load of fronds onto it, temporarily smothering the flames. The little green blades curled up and dissolved to smoke. "Fernace," he said. It was a clear night. They sat around the fire, united in camaraderie and weariness. They gazed up at the starlit sky. Or, as Timbo called it, the "fernament".


fiction by
Richard Newton

image by
Ad Hoc Fiction