Positive and Negative

Positive and Negative

Suck on a battery (the copper-headed ones last longer – throw in a Werthers Original at the same time to really get your teeth rattling). Run a well-licked finger ‘round a plug socket. Feel alive. I feel like joylessly microwaved death. My husband’s taken the kids with him to Lidl to give me a break, but they’ll be back eventually, they have to come back eventually. Our flat roars with the as-yet-unborne noise of their return, the front door trembling to be burst out of its frame. Potential energy. I wish that I had the potential for energy. I put my cheek against the TV screen – Judge Rinder’s on – to feel the crackle against my skin. Everything flickers in the corner of my eye. I hear the door, and swallow something. Hope it was the Werther’s



Nick Black