1. This Is The Title

2. You work at the Central Library. 3. You’ve worked there too long. 4. It's driving you crazy (see No. 8). 5. [You may copy/paste a better metaphor under No. 4 later.] 6. It is your job to classify, number and order books. 7. Apart from the bible, very few stories are numbered. 8. That’s a fact. 9. You find this is a drawback, because you can’t refer back (see No. 8). 10. You're writing a numbered story about your life as a librarian. 11. You don’t have to be a good writer to become a librarian. 12. You do need to know a lot about writers and books. And about readers. 13. Did you know that some people like to read the last sentence first? 14. Those people probably don’t like surprises. 15. This story ends with No. 4.
Richard de Nooy
Can You Illustrate This Piece?

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