On Monday, John ate supermarket Sushi and remembered touring Japan with the band. From 12 to 1, before the mid afternoon rush, John picked at Chumaki rolls, rode bullet trains from one place to the next. Tuesday, John loosened and tightened the nut holding his bike seat firm, to lift it. An incorrectly positioned saddle often leads to under extension during peddling, resulting in knee ache. On Wednesday, he tried to catch an eye, any. Thursday, so little happened. On Friday, John swam in clear Icelandic water, warm from the tips of his ears down to the mud through his toes. Saturday John got drunk and messaged old friends, then blocked their numbers before they could reply. On Sunday, John wrote letters to himself then went to bed refreshed long before the news began. To end, John marked off each day until the letters arrived, dropping through the letterbox like amber leaves.
Steve M
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