Steam Wand Nostalgia

Sometimes things don't work out. The startup fails. The solo career flops. The coffeehouse closes. My favorite part of those early days (before it went to shit) was steaming the milk and wedding it to the fragrant brown espresso. Flooding the cup with lick-your-lips marshmallow foam. Handing the cup over, a little reluctant to let go. Surface tension slick, rosetta bulging. You fall in love and you leave your chest cavity wide open for these sorts of things. Shady landlords. Apathetic customers. Lazy employees. Truth is, I don't care anymore. I managed to salvage my La Marzocco FB80 and a Mazzer Major grinder. My parent's basement has 220 power. Some days I don't leave the house, unless I run out of coffee.
Emily McIntyre
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